Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Favourite Books of 2015

In no particular order, my favourite books of 2015 are:


Asking For It is the story of Emma O'Donovan who is an intentionally awful character. Emma is a party girl who has no memory of what happened the night before. That doesn't last long however, as graphic photos of her rape are broadcast all over Facebook.

The book shines a light on societies blame culture and most worryingly is eerily similar to what so many women have gone through. I have never been so angry after reading a book, but this is a good thing as hopefully it will change even a few people's opinions.


Probably one of the most talked about books of the year, and already being made into a film. 

Rachel is a depressed alcoholic who gets the same train into London every day, even though she lost her job. From the train she sees her former home, which her ex-husband now shares with his new wife. She starts to fantasize about the 'perfect' couple who live nearby. However one day everything changes, and Rachel becomes more involved in a police investigation and she can't remember just how involved she is...

The characters in this book are all awful people, and that's what makes it so great. Due to Rachel's drinking, she is an unreliable witness at best, which only adds to the intrigue for the reader as it's difficult to know what to believe.


An intriguing new take on serial killers, 'The Hashtag Murderer' uses Twitter to post clues and point towards their next target. It highlights just how social media can be used in a disturbing manner. I really enjoyed the modern twist and the characters are great. I especially enjoyed the story between Freddie and Nasreen developing and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

All of the Above by James Dawson

Sixteen year old Toria has just moved to a new school and worries about finding new friends. This book is a fantastic and honest portrayal of what life is like for teenagers right now and I would highly recommend it to teens everywhere. I love how diverse the characters are, and the different issues they are dealing with.


In the introduction to this book, Mindy says wanting people to like her is no longer her motivation, she wants people to know her. This is highlighted by the differences between the first book and Why Not Me, which is much more open and honest. As a result it is much funnier than Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? If you like Mindy and The Mindy Project, you will love this book.


I am mentioning Silent Scream as it's the first book in the series. However 3 books in the series were released this year, and I loved each one more than the last. D.I. Kim Stone is one of my favourite characters. She had a tough upbringing which has made her an extremely dedicated police officer but after the brutal murder of a headmistress leads to more bodies she is reminded of her past.

The biggest surprise for me is this is Angela Marsons debut novel. After reading it, I would have guess she was a seasoned author. The second and third books of the series are Evil Games and Lost Girls respectively and I highly recommend reading all 3. According to her Goodreads page, Angela has also stated she has an 8 book deal therefore we have at least 5 more D.I. Kim Stone novels to look forward to.

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