Sunday, 29 November 2015

That Lame Company - Winter Box of Lame

That Lame Company was founded by two students. Chloe and Charlie, and is a great place to find unique items. In the Summer they released the Big Box of Lame, and it was such a great success they have created the Winter Box of Lame which I received yesterday.

The box comes in a variety of options. You can buy the big box with no phone case for £21, the big box including a slim phone case for £30.99 and the big box including a premium phone case for £33.99. The small box is £15 with no phone cover, the small box with a slim phone case is £25.99 and the small box with a premium phone case is £28.99

I went for the big box including a premium phone case.

I really love the packaging!

Hidden under your name is a letter from Chloe and Charlie.

You can choose from any of the case designs on their website. I went for the premium Zig-Zag Colour Phone Case (£16). The phone case arrived separately from the manufacturers a few days prior to the box. It is fantastic quality. 

First up from the box itself is this brilliant and very seasonal Pocket Mirror (£3.49)

This beautiful Owl Brooch (£12) is by Laura Danby and is the first of the gifts specially made by various companies. 

Another gift is the cute Infinity Bracelet (£3) by NFNTY, This is adjustable but it is also stretchy so you don't need to keep adjusting it to get it on and off which is very handy!

This adorable card is not available on the Innabox site but they have many other greeting cards and other great items available. The other cards are priced at £2.

 The 2 Modern Day Greetings Cards (£3.50 for 2 or £5.99 for 4) are great for those addicted to Social Media (and who isn't?!)

The 2 Dipped Pencils (£2) are available in a pack of 5 for £4.99. They are made with Thai tree wood.

The A5 Weekly Calendar Deskpad (£6.99) is great for planning your week, There are 50 pages in total.

The My To-Do Lists Notebook (£8.49) can be used as a general notebook if you wish as the pages are lined.

This is the Insulting Incentives Art Prints (£4.99 for 4) with the white backgrounds. The It's Better To Be Weird Than Boring (£1.99) and Hurray For Coffee (£1.99) prints are available separately. 

And last but not least is the gorgeous Watercolour Christmas Cards (£4.99 for 4). I will definitely be using these for Chistmas!

I paid £33.99 for the box and the total worth is £71.43 so this is fantastic value. I love all the products and will definitely make good use of them all (which can be rare with subscription boxes). It is a great way of discovering new companies too. I will definitely be buying their next box if they make another!

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