Monday, 9 September 2013

Music of the Week - Arcade Fire

This weeks' musical treat was very nearly Arctic Monkeys, with their brilliant new album being released today. They were however outshone by Arcade Fire's new interactive video.

You can always rely on Arcade Fire for innovative, unique and very weird videos and this is no exception. When you first go to the site, you are asked to link your smartphone or tablet to the computer if you have one. Alternatively you can use your mouse. After you input a code into the site on your mobile or tablet, the video will begin and you can use the device or mouse to manoeuvre various elements in the video. You can also see your own reflec(k)tion (get it?!) at times in the video.

The song itself is a funky, disco beat with, what sounds like David Bowie on backing vocals! Very different from their previous music, but nothing comes as a surprise from the Montreal band. And with James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem producing the new album, I can't wait to hear what else they come up with!

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