Sunday, 25 August 2013

NOTD: Indie Polishes by Taras Talons and Pocket Money Polishes

The wonderful Tara at Taras Talons and Charlie at Pocket Money Polishes recently collaborated with The Cinderella Collection which was 4 sets of 2 one off polishes. I managed to get Driella and Wishing Bubbles before they sold out (in 15 minutes!) Technically because Paypal screwed up and sold these colours twice they are 2 of a kind, but the lovely Tara and Charlie mixed extra so we didn't miss out :)

Drizella is a gorgeous aqua green colour, which is one of my favourite colours at the moment. Wishing Bubbles is a beautiful mix of pastel glitter. I'm a huge fan of pastel colours and it works wonderfully with the aqua. The combination couldn't be more perfect for me. It's exactly what I would have chosen if I had made them myself so I am delighted I got hold of them!

I have linked both stores above, and if you want to find out more about any upcoming collections, make sure you check out their Facebook pages, Taras Talons and Pocket Money Polishes.

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